About Jim Guthrie

Jim Guthrie

im Guthrie has been taking photographs since 1978 and began sharing them with the public in 1987. He focuses on landscapes because of his love for the outdoors. In 1993, Jim decided to specialize in panoramic photographic images using an extraordinary high precision German Linhoff Technorama Panoramic camera. The negative size from this unusual camera is 2-1/4 inches by 6-3/4 inches, representing an exact print ratio of 3 to 1. Images from this size negative can easily be enlarged into murals without being distorted or showing any loss of detail. Even photographs as large as 8 to 10 feet in length can be produced.

Another stunning effect that Jim is able to create using this unique camera is a three-part divided image, or triptych. Although the triptych idea is not new, the method Jim uses is different. Normally, triptychs are done by taking three separate camera exposures and then carefully printing them so they appear as one continuous picture. The length of the panoramic negative is so long that he can obtain the entire scene in one exposure and then have the print cut into three pieces (upon request). This method guarantees that the sections will match exactly (including density and color) when they are placed together within three separate frames.

While roaming the United States from the northeast to the southwest to the northwest, Jim intrigues many onlookers when they observe this unusual camera. People are often unable to conceive the magnitude of the image that can be generated until they see the results in print. Consequently, he now often travels with sample photographs of previous trips to demonstrate the shape and quality of the image that can be produced. On occasion, people ask for business cards and catalogs so they can obtain a print of the scene they are sharing.

Like most artists, Jim is very selective about finding the ideal photographic location in our exquisite, landscape-rich country. If the lighting conditions or cloud formations do not meet Jim's high standards, he will often wait for hours or sometimes days to seize that "perfect" image. Although he may travel to an area several times, he may only print one or two of the many photographs he took. Jim insists on quality, not quantity.

As a result of the uniqueness and distinction of these gorgeous photographs, Jim has been honored with an overwhelming response to his panoramic images. And why not? The detailed images produced are so realistic that viewers can easily imagine themselves standing in the middle of the scene laid out before them.